Review: The Female Assumption

The Female Assumption A Mother’s Story: Freeing Women From The View That Motherhood Is A Mandate

I have been looking forward to reading this book by Melanie Holmes.  It is an important idea, that on the surface, may not seem that earth shaking.  TCFL is a site for the childfree and it is with that perspective I approached this book.

The Female Assumption, has an important message for the children who are being raised with only half of the options available to live a full and happy life.  Melanie has put into words that raising children to realize that they have many options is the key to living a full and meaningful life.

She is raising her daughter to develop into her own person free of pressure to conform to a role that she may not choose for herself.  Melanie discusses motherhood from a more realistic perspective and does not leave out the hard parts.

This is an excellent book to open up conversations between a parent and child.  It is well written and does a good job presenting the childfree decision.  It is a change to hear a parent accept that a child may make different choices.  Melanie does not know if her daughter will choose to be a parent.  I can say that her daughter is fortunate to have a mother who can express what it was like for her to parent children, but also to present that there are women who make other choices and lead fulfilling lives.

I recommend this book for parents, grandparents, and teenagers.  Childfree readers will find this book well written and perhaps a good book for their own parents.  As someone who is older; the mantra of grand-kids is ever present.  What about those couples who are not sure about wanting children?  It is for these couples; I am so glad Melanie wrote this book.


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Spectrum, Piano Music Composed and Performed by J. Castellano,

A wonderful CD by a member of our TCFL community.  I want to let Jennifer know how much I appreciate her artistry in this CD.  The music is impressionistic and a joy to listen to.  I do not listen to a lot of instrumental music on CD but do enjoy attending live performances.  This recording gave me the feeling I was sitting in a recital hall listening to Jennifer’s concert.  Jennifer, your compositions for the piano really moved me.  I will be listening to this CD not only for meditation and quiet reflection but also as an inspiration.  I noted on the jacket that you have both a visual and hearing impairment.  So glad that you did not let these impairments keep you from expressing your gift.

Jennifer’s album is available at both CD baby and Amazon.  I recommend this CD to those who enjoy listening to the piano.  Amazon has samples available to listen to.

We are fortunate at TCFL to have members with talents in a variety of the arts.  I am so glad that Jennifer posted this information a while back.  It has taken me a while to get around to writing a review of sorts.  I want to add that I enjoyed listening to this music while cooking.  A nice pairing of beautiful music and culinary creation.

I also recommend another of her CDs titled Child in the Garden.




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