AS4: The Relaunch

 Building the new site has taken longer than expected in part because software problems on the old site forced us to begin sooner than we’d planned. When our old CMS kicked the bucket, this new site was still in the early planning stages.  With the sole exception of backing up our content, actual preparation hadn’t even begun. Between the schedule being screwed up by software failure (stupid thing couldn’t have lasted just one more month? geez…) and annoying real life stuff (like employment) interrupting, it’s been a struggle to even get this place presentable enough to relaunch on  the first day of Anniversary Season.

So here it is, not finished, but well on its way. Isn’t our new baby pretty? Ok, I admit, she’s still got some flaws (not to mention a few holes). Still, it’s a definite improvement. If I could explain for you how much easier it is to use on the back end, you’d appreciate her pretty sand-colored face that much more. The greater beauty is within.

Yea, I know I’m goofy. But I’m serious, too.  TCFL has just upgraded in a big way. Even our publishing procedures notes show it: They’ve shrunken from huge, over-complicated documents to a handful of tiny lists.

Those of you who contribute articles will really see a difference. After your first article, you no longer have to submit via email at all. You retain the ability to make edits literally up to the minute we publish your work, because you will have put the article into the site’s “Pending” queue yourself. Doing so is a quick, simple process. Don’t worry.

Anywho, I hope you like what we have so far, and that you’ll visit this side of the site more often. TCFL is more than just forums. Our goal now is to remind everyone of that. ~S

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  1. Sid says:

    sebastyne misses the whole point…..I learned to be alone when I was in my 20s, and although I’m married now, I know I can live alone. If I am old and alone, it will not be a great concern to me as I will have lived my life to the full. I will also have spent all those years of ‘childfreedom’ developing friendships, rather than relying on family! Having children just to hope that you’re not alone when you’re old is a poor reason to have children (not to mention selfish)!!!!

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