The title is in reference to a very long gif that you may have seen regarding LOTR. ┬áIn case you haven’t seen it:

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Sacrilege? What can I say, I’m rather profane in regards to many things. I digress about the launch thing. It applies to so many things right now, the most obvious being that this is the first blog for Mosaic Grey. Huzzah! Grossly overdue, and completely my fault for that being the case.

Being launched has a lot to do with my life right now. This year I’ve moved, which of course was an ordeal. Not quite as horrible as the last time I moved, since I had a nice span of time to tuck away loads of boxes into the new duplex. There were other stressors though, too tedious to retell here. Just picture many irritating and panic-inducing things that can happen when trying to find someone to sublease from you. I’m sure you’ll come up with something close to what happened.

What took a long time winding up but is finally getting up to speed is my garden. This year I found out that the city I live in has 10 x 40 foot plots of land for lease. Fork over $20, and Spring through Autumn you get a nice chunk of tilled land and all the water you can use as long as you have something growing (aside from weeds) by June. Of course this year made it seem like you’d be lucky to have a lettuce leaf started by June with how long winter clung to the land. I’ll definitely be blogging more about gardening and food in the future.

The most recent thing to send me running in circles are…CHICKENS! Turns out the city I live in has no problem whatsoever with backyard chickens (or all yard, really) and as long as you provide care and housing for them, you’re good to go. I had been researching for quite some time about getting chickens, something that was impossible when we lived in an apartment but a duplex with an amenable landlord? Oh yes. Normally I’d be tearing apart the place to garden in it, but while the back yard is large, it’s also filled with trees and is incredibly steep. This means removing trees if you want to garden, which means erosion if you’re not very careful. Too big a project for me, plus that many trees means shelter from wind and other elements, which means it’s a good place for a coop.

So if you’re interested in urban farming spiced with fits of rage, keep an eye out from more from GreyDrakkon on Mosaic Grey. I hope you’ll be entertained at least a little, and maybe something can be learned.

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  1. Katherine says:

    I am looking forward to pictures of chickens and vegetables! I have just started container gardening because I am not sure I am ready to put in the work of making all of the beds. We have very hard clay soil where I live . We also have water restrictions.

    Glad you decided to launch on this topic. I am looking forward to seeing the fits of rage, the experiments, and the successes!

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