Something About You

Something About You  follows many of the conventions of a contemporary romance yet it offers something different in the characters of Sabrina and Gage.  I was pleased to see that this romance allowed for its female protagonist to pursue a life that did not include having  children.  Ms. Landis has created a female character who knows who she is and what it is that she wants for her life.

I enjoyed reading this story and especially appreciated the details that made each character someone to care about.  Sometimes the dialog was a bit formalized but it did not get in the way of imagining the speakers. I hope Ms. Landis will write another book about Sabrina and Gage and how they will manage their relationship with Sabrina’s potential high profile job in politics.

For those that enjoy the romance genre, this story does not stray too far from the path.  It is a contemporary story with characters that are mainstream and accessible.  The book looks at choices such as adoption and living childfree.   It is a romance where other choices for happiness and love are realized.

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