Spectrum, Piano Music Composed and Performed by J. Castellano,

A wonderful CD by a member of our TCFL community.  I want to let Jennifer know how much I appreciate her artistry in this CD.  The music is impressionistic and a joy to listen to.  I do not listen to a lot of instrumental music on CD but do enjoy attending live performances.  This recording gave me the feeling I was sitting in a recital hall listening to Jennifer’s concert.  Jennifer, your compositions for the piano really moved me.  I will be listening to this CD not only for meditation and quiet reflection but also as an inspiration.  I noted on the jacket that you have both a visual and hearing impairment.  So glad that you did not let these impairments keep you from expressing your gift.

Jennifer’s album is available at both CD baby and Amazon.  I recommend this CD to those who enjoy listening to the piano.  Amazon has samples available to listen to.

We are fortunate at TCFL to have members with talents in a variety of the arts.  I am so glad that Jennifer posted this information a while back.  It has taken me a while to get around to writing a review of sorts.  I want to add that I enjoyed listening to this music while cooking.  A nice pairing of beautiful music and culinary creation.

I also recommend another of her CDs titled Child in the Garden.




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  1. I recently purchased and enjoyed listening to Spectrum. As the title suggests, this CD runs the spectrum of musicality, as well as emotion. I felt myself transported from peaceful reflection to more energetic thoughts. I found this music to be a good accompaniment for solitude or a backdrop for a lovely dinner or conversation with friends.

    I echo Katherine’s comment about overcoming obstacles in order to follow one’s dream. I know someone whose 2 kids were born with a genetic hearing/sight impairment. I’m inspired by Jennifer’s work and all those who brighten our world with their talent and courage.

  2. I’m going to promote this CD at my very 1st book discussion. I’ll have it playing and will include the background of this very talented artist (so very accomplished!). I can’t think of better music to play during the intro period as people are arriving. :-)

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