The Childfree Life Forums Rules & Policies

Welcome to The Childfree Life Forums, a place where you can share your thoughts on every aspect of your childfree life with a community of like-minded people. The use and content of the forums are subject to the rules and policies below, as part of our effort to maintain an atmosphere of comfortable camaraderie, support, and fun on TCFL.

1. No Spamming or Trolling. A member the staff determines to be a spammer or troll may be removed from the community without warning. Warnings are offered at the discretion of the moderation team. 

Meaningless Posts comprised of only a quote and/or a single word or series of emoticons may be treated as spam by the moderators.

2. Be Respectful of people and these forums. No one expects impeccable manners, but treating each other as equal and reasonable adults, in accordance with the tone of these forums, is required for continued participation in this community.

Hot Topics may be shut down, at moderator discretion. Conversations that cross the lines defined below are subject to rapid thread locks and/or removal of members who instigate such trouble.

    1. Keep political discussions in the designated forum.
    2. Keep religious discussion civil.
    3. Understand that part of the childfree experience is the pursuit of full personal control over one’s own fertility, and thus supporters of anti-choice legislation are unwelcome.
    4. This community exists for the support and friendship of the childfree and those considering such a lifestyle. We are not here to learn about parenting or the parent perspective. Pro-parent preaching will not be accepted here.

3. Keep TCFL Forums Uncluttered and easy to read. This is a basic member responsibility. Make a concerted effort to place threads in the appropriate forum. Use appropriate capitalization, punctuation and paragraphs in your posts. Keep abbreviations and animated images to a minimum. Use specialty fonts and colors only as needed. We’re all adults. We should communicate as such.

Avatars and Signatures are subject to the same rules as forum posts and may be edited or deleted if deemed to be in violation. Avatar images should be safe-for-work images lacking controversial content or animation. Signatures have a 255-character limit and may not contain images or large font sizes. A single URL is allowed so you may link to your personal website or blog. This feature may not be used to advertise businesses or sites containing potentially offensive subject matter.

4. Report Problems to the moderators. Due to the high quantity of content posted, the staff may not see forum issues quickly without member help. Members are encouraged to help the staff spot problem posts by utilizing the Report button at the bottom of each post or informing the moderators via PM of potential problems. Reporting a post or member ensures only that the moderators will investigate to determine if moderation is warranted; it is not a guarantee the team will act.

5. Moderators are in charge. The staff reserves the right to take any action they deem appropriate to ensure the forums are not disrupted or abused. The site’s staff will endeavor to deal with problem posts and member concerns as promptly as possible, but they may need to confer to determine the appropriate course of action regarding a breach of forum rules, so responses may not be immediate.

Breaking the Rules laid out on this page may result in the post being edited and the member sent a warning via PM for the first offense. If such behavior continues despite this warning, the member will be permanently removed from the community and notified via email. The staff reserves the right to skip the PM warning if deemed necessary.

Locked Threads are considered closed topics, and thus should not be referenced or re-opened in another thread. Also, discussion of moderator actions should not occur on the forums. Please contact the Moderation Team via the PM system if you have questions or concerns.

6. Our Off-site Pages are treated as extensions of this forum community. These forum rules apply to member actions on outlying branches of TCFL, including our Goodreads group and Facebook pages. Your good standing on one is dependent on your good standing on the others. Moderation actions on your forums account and/or loss of access to our outlying entities may result from your actions in those pages.

7. You are Legally Responsible for the content of your posts. Do not post or link content that is defamatory, libelous, racist, sexist, violates a third party’s privacy or breaches any law. This includes, but is not limited to, claims for infringement of intellectual property and claims for defamation or libel. The laws of the State of Tennessee (US) will govern any disputes arising out of participation in these forums.

Avoid Copyright Infringement Claims. The staff strongly recommends you link text rather than copy it. If you feel a snippet of text is necessary for your point, try to keep it under 100 words, and include all applicable source information. The Childfree Life and its operators will not be responsible for such infringements by the membership and will freely help law enforcement agencies locate a member if such claims arise from use of these forums.

The content of this page is subject to change. While the moderators will endeavor to keep members apprised of changes, members should check this document periodically for updates. For ease of access, a link to this page appears at the top of nearly every forum page.

8. TCFL is not liable. The operators of these forums make no express or implied warranty that access to these forums will be available at any particular time, that access will be uninterrupted, that the forums will be error-free or that any particular result or information will be obtainable. The operators of these forums are not liable for any damages or losses that result from the use of, participation in, or reliance on any information obtained in these forums. They also make no endorsement of the content; the views expressed are of the individual members and not the forum operators.

9. This is a Child Free Site …literally. TCFL is intended solely for adult use and may contain conversations that are unsuitable for minors. Any involvement in this community will be interpreted as confirmation that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have read -and agree to abide by- the rules and conditions stated above.

If you have any additional questions about TCFL forums, see the forums FAQ page or contact a member of the staff. No questions? Then you’re ready to head over to the forums and join in the conversation!