Section I: General Questions

1. Do I have to censor what I say here, like some of those other sites?
We’re reasonable people and understand the frustrations that being childfree can bring, so we encourage people to “let it out”. However, we will NOT tolerate disrespect of our lifestyles and choices, trolling, preaching, intolerance, excessive use of vulgarities, or associated idiocy. Please read the forum rules for more clarification. We have multiple moderators, and we’re not afraid to use them. We encourage you to read a few threads before you being posting to get the “tone” of the forums. It can save you some backlash and misunderstanding.

2. Do I have to register to post?
For the convenience of those just stopping by to ask a question or request interviews, registration is not required for participation in the Ask the Childfree forum. To post in any other forum, registration with TCFL forums is required.

3. Why can’t I post in the Rec Center forums?
In an effort to stop the flood of spam from new accounts going to the Rec Center, new members can no longer post there. Don’t worry, you won’t be kept out of there for long. When your post count reaches a certain low threshold, the ability to post in the Rec Center forums will be automatically turned on.

4. What is the policy on parent members on TCFL?
TCFL does not ban parents on that criteria alone. However, this is not the proper venue for discussions that center around parenting lifestyles or the promotion thereof. In this environment, it is very easy for a parent poster to come off as a troll of one kind or another. Parent members: Please tread carefully. If you are ruffling too many feathers, you will be removed from the community.

5. Why does TCFL not allow anyone under the age of 18?
In the US, where TCFL is based, 18 is the age of majority. If we were to knowingly allow people under 18 to participate in our community, we would be opening ourselves up to the risk of lawsuits from the parents of said minors, organizations that promote a kid and teen-friendly internet, etc. TCFL is home to many adult ideas and conversations. It is a site for adult use, both in its nature and in the interest of protecting itself legally.

If the TCFL staff learns a member is a minor, his or her account will be deactivated. Upon reaching age 18, the member may contact the administrators to request reactivation of the account.

6. What are the titles underneath some screen names?
In place of traditional “rank lines” often used to track member post counts, TCFL uses that space to acknowledge staff members, founding members, and those who have contributed to TCFL creatively or financially. Staffers and esteemed former staffers have the privilege of customizing their rank lines, so there are a few unique titles on those accounts.

7. How do I become a moderator?
TCFL adds moderators to the staff by invitation only. When we have an opening, our entire staff discusses who we would like to add, and invitations are sent accordingly. There is no application process, nor is there a way to make oneself a candidate.

8. Can I promote my blog on TCFL?
We are happy to help personal blogs gain some benefit from our traffic. If you want to share some aspects of your fabulous childfree life with the world, we’re all for it. You may link your personal blog or website in your signature line, provided the content linked is safe for work. After you’ve been here for a while, you may email marketing [at] thechildfreelife [dot] com to request adding your blog to our member blogs or favorite blogs pages. Please specify in your email whether or not your blog is CF-centric, so we know where to best place it.

9. What about promoting or advertising commercial sites and products?
That’s where we draw the line. Your personal site or blog is fine. But commercial ventures are handled differently. If you would like to advertise on TCFL, please do so through Project Wonderful.

10. Something’s not working. Where do I go for help?
Should you encounter any technical issues within the forums, please post a message in the Technical Support forum, and we will attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you are unable to log in, or have other non-technical questions not answered on this page, use the contact form to send an email to the site administrators. If you can’t access the website at all, you can’t be reading this FAQ. If you remember this information though, try dropping us a message on Facebook.

Section II: Account Management

11. Why can’t I change my screen name?
The option for members to change their own screen names is disabled, in part because the feature can be used by trolls and spammers to evade capture and in part because having stable identities is better for the community. The TCFL admins do not perform vanity name changes for members. Under specific circumstances, however, we will consent and assist. If you are having issues related to your screen name being known beyond TCFL in a way that may compromise your identity or security, or are a very new member who has had second thoughts about your screen name choice before really establishing an identity on the forums (post count at 10 or lower, generally), we will be willing to help correct the issue. Contact an admin via PM to discuss it.

12. Why can’t I log in to my new Forums account?
If you have recently registered with TCFL forums, but are unable to log in, make sure you have clicked the activation link in the confirmation email our system sent you. Check your Spam folder if you do not receive the email soon after registration. If you cannot find that email, or have other problems associated with logging in, contact the admins with your screen name and email address included in the email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

13. I signed up a while ago, but my screen name no longer works. What happened?
In order to keep our membership numbers honest, and thwart ‘sleeper’ spam accounts, occasional clean-outs of out-of-use member accounts occur.

* A member that has made zero posts and has not logged in for a 30 day period may have their account deleted. If that’s your situation, you are more than welcome to re-register. No banning has taken place, and your screen name is probably available.

* A member that has made fewer than 10 posts and has not logged in for a 90 day period may have their account deactivated. If that’s your situation, contact the admins with your screen name and email address included in the email. Your account and its posts are still in our archive; we just need to reactivate your account.

14. How do I delete my account?
TCFL’s policy is to not take custody of members posts unless deemed necessary in the course of forum moderation work (with exception for abandoned newbie accounts). This means the responsibilities for voluntary withdrawal from our community fall fully on the member wishing to withdraw. You are responsible for your posts. If you choose to leave TCFL, there is no need to take any action. Simply stop logging in.

If, for some reason of personal security or opinion, you feel your posts and screen name should be removed from our forums, editing and/or deleting your words is your responsibility. When -and only when- you are finished making any edits to your posts you would like to make, and you are certain you want your account removed from our member list, send a private message to an admin with your deactivation request.

Once a “delete” or “deactivate” request is received, be it in a post, PM, or email, the member making the request officially forfeits control of his or her posts and account. This includes so-called “flounce” posts, wherein a member publicly announces his or her permanent departure. There are no exceptions or sub-clauses to this policy. If you submit a deactivation request or flounce out of the forums, the contents of your account are no longer yours to claim or control. If you later return and wish to reclaim your forums account, the admins will consider the request.