Article & Book Review Submissions

If you are interested in contributing an article or book review to be published on The Childfree Life, we encourage you to join our forums prior to submitting your work.  We hope you will participate in the forums and become familiar with the general tone of The Childfree Life. If you are already comfortable with the community here, please read the following before contributing:

  • You do not need to be a professional writer to submit an article or book review.  We accept contributions from all interested writers.
  • We welcome all points of view and do not discourage repetition of previous article topics, provided you can give it a fresh perspective.
  • We ask that books previously reviewed on TCFL not be repeated unless the differences between the two reviews are significant and obvious.
  • You will retain full copyrights to your articles, as TCFL is unable to purchase them.
  • Articles should have a minimum length of approximately 500 words.
  • Book review titles should read as follows: “Book Review: [book title]”
  • The publishing team reserves the right to proofread and make minor edits to any content posted to our site.
  • If your articles or book review is in need of significant editing, you will be notified via email. Your work will not be placed in the publication queue until edits are complete.

First Time Contributors: Please use the form below to email a final or near final draft of your article to the publishing team for review. Once your work is accepted,  you will receive login information for your new Contributor account. Once logged in, create a post with your article and make any final edits. We’ll then put it in the publishing queue.

Previously Published Contributors: If you already have work published on TCFL, you do not need to use the submissions form. Simply log in to your Contributor account and create a new post to place in the publishing queue.

Potential Mosaic Bloggers: All forum members who have been active for at least 90 days are welcome to apply to blog on TCFL. We’re looking for a wide range of viewpoints and lifestyles to fill our blog section. Our goal is to showcase all kinds of childfree lives on our site.

To apply, please fill out the submission form below with “Blog Application” in the Title box. Include the following information in your message: Proposed title of blog, an idea of the themes & topics your blog would cover, and your estimated post frequency. The TCFL staff will discuss your proposal. Expect a response via email within two weeks.

Thank you for contributing to The Childfree Life.